Why Not Work At Home As A Freelancer And Make Money?

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Published: 08th April 2015
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People are more and more open to the idea of hiring online freelance workers globally. The reason is quite simply that freelance workers can also produce exactly the same services that regular office workers can give minus the office building and regular 9-5 schedule set up. A lot of male and female, both employed and unemployed, are attracted to the idea of working flexible hours that freelance work offers. Becoming a freelance worker does become reasonable if you want to have freedom over your working time, have more time with your family, have more time to do what you like to do in life or just have a more balanced and easy life.

It is fair to say that a lot of people would find freelance work ideal for them. Becoming a freelancer does give you freedom over your time. However, there are things that you need to have and know before you get yourself fully into this profession.

* What Service You Provide

Introduce yourself clearly and specifically about the knowledge and service that you can be of help to clients looking for freelance workers. The kind of help you can offer is really unlimited. Just to name a few, say, help people set up or design their websites, help produce videos, audios or do voice-overs, provide writing assistance on any topic, do secretarial work like administrative tasks, typing or data entry etc. The ones that have always been in great demand freelance workers online are freelance writers, web designers, video and audio producers and virtual assistants. Transcription services, management, social media marketing and translation services are other freelance services that have great demand online that you can offer.

* Freelance Work Sources And Support

You need to find out where the freelance jobs are. This should come among the first of your have to do list to become a freelance worker. One good thing is that resources on freelance jobs are a lot and easy to get. The best and simplest way to find prospective clients wanting freelancers' services is by doing a google search.

You may also consider joining some online support communities for freelance workers. At a certain stage in your venture you might want to consider subscribing to a few sites providing freelance service. These sites are often blogs or forums and free to join, you can then contact fellow members or the administrators to ask questions or

just chat.

* Prepare Sufficient Savings

Money is an important factor in becoming a freelance worker. One thing you should not do is leave your regular nine to five job for becoming a full time freelancer before you earn as much income from your freelance ventures. You have bills to pay and you have ends to meet. Freelance work is mostly temporary work lasting for days or maybe weeks. While it is offering you flexible working time, the income you get from each freelance job is not stable. That is why you still need your own savings to help cover expenses before your earnings from your freelance jobs are sufficient to do that. You might be lucky to get clients who happen to look for long term freelance employees. Even though there is no guarantee, but that happens from time to time. You would then have stable freelance income and hopefully earn more than enough to cover your bills. Until that happens, it is best you always have a financial back up. Many freelancers have found that it is best to get freelance jobs while still working their regular nine to five careers. They build their freelance portfolio bit by bit and as they gain more income and confidence along the way, they also become more prepared to be a full time freelancers eventually. Having enough savings help reduce the nervousness they might feel while pursuing their new career as full time


* Determination

Freelance jobs are mostly short term and temporary, even though it is possible that you land on one of very few that offers a long term employment opportunity. Never give up, patience, keep going and determination are the qualities a freelancer should have. It takes patience to look for a job. It takes consistency and perseverance to finish the job well once you get it. You will do the same process again and again. That is basically the life of a freelancer.

* Expand Your Knowledge

The expertise and skills you have at present will help you get your first freelance job but you should never limit yourself to what you already know. Your expertise and skills decide what kind of jobs you can take or apply for. It is thus good to improve your skills and knowledge along the way. Do invest in your education with your own

money or the money you get from your sponsors. Search engine optimization and pay per click advertising are two skills that lots of freelancers study on their own and become good at. They can then eventually offer those services among others. You can also make money as a freelance writer online. You may be familiar with writing
offline print materials, however writing online is quite different. You need to learn how to attract your readers' attention within seconds of browsing and make them stay.

Good online press releases and web copies with that quality are done by professional writer, that could be you if you have already mastered the skill. Take action now.

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